Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and has a safe new year, posting the picture above of myself and Rayne at our house, Haven Manor, which will be celebrating its 1 year birthday since we moved in . We have a nice plot of land there and just added the woodland you can see over to the right, will post a pictorial on just the house and property soon .

Other things in news.... is Les Whites holiday Time trials we did on december 21st, a large group of racers traveled across SL track to track , trying different vehicles in 3 laps to see who got the fastest times, it was a great tour of SLs race tracks, including , Mooz, Racer's island, Kokopelli raceway, Silver Mountain (SMC), Otway raceway, Amber raceway , Misp..all in all it lasted 6 hours and was lots of fun for all, in the end Jafo Tendaze won the event by just 1 point over Ram Pharoah.

This last sunday the 28th , was test race #4 for the Rfactor league, a good showing of 6 drivers this time. Was a few technical problems , but all in all a good race, especialy the last 3 laps where i chased Ratta Raymaker very close, shown in pic below, Rattra prevailed. So far tenatively setting opening day for the season for wednesday January 14th .

I wont be making the next MotoSL race, which is round #9 at Mooz, will be out of town celebrating christmas wiht my family who lives all over the place and hard to get together somethimes, i wish all riders luck, go Archer =)

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nice house