Friday, February 6, 2009

G1-GP Update

2 races have passed now in our Rfactor league season, so Im doing a little race report for these.. cause both were outstanding races , and it certainly can be seen each race that everyone is improving and the competition level is rising .

2 weeks ago was was race #3 at Silverstone . This one kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole 30 minute race. The first half of the race was Sulla , Caz and myself running away from the field , trading off leads . Sulla led at first for a good while , Caz who had made a very nice pass on myself taking over 2nd, passed Sulla after she spun out . I also got by Sulla and chased Caz untill the lap where we pitted, Caz spun and i was thru . After my pit Sulla was right on me , but i was able to pull away and hang on for my 3rd win. Caz got 2nd , and Sulla 3rd.

This week the race was at another fictional track... Mills Metropark built by the Rfactor team , they put alot of detail in their tracks , and made them challenging and fun. We will be racing a 3 of the fictional tracks this season , Toban, Mills and Orchard Lake .

Sulla landed her 3rd straight pole , Caz 2nd on grid , myself 3rd. This race was the debut of new driver Katier Reitveld , driving the Blue/White Thetford Lola Ex257 . Katier had a great 1st qualify round landing on 4th beside me .

Caz jumped the start , way soon hehe , he held up , but got a bad launch after lights went green, allowing myself and Sulla to get ahead. I think Caz was kicking himself over this as the racers accelerated thru the opening corners. Yuriko also got by Caz in turn 2, but came together with Katier and spun out . Caz moved into 3rd chasing Sulla and myself .

But the cost of a jump start is a drive thru pits penalty... a little break for Caz is that Mills pits is very short, this amounted to just a 10 second penalty , he came out from 3rd to 5th , right behind Rattra and Jafo .

Caz was able to get by them eventualy and back into 3rd. Meanwhile Sulla had spun out of the lead , allowing me to move up into 1st . I led untill after the pits when I ran over a rumble strip , my car is low to ground and i think for just a moment 3-4 of my wheels came off of ground and I had my only spin out of race .

But 1 spin was enough , Jafo and Caz drove by me , then next around corner was Sulla and Suku who passed as i was recovering , 1st to 5th . The last phase of the race was close between Jafo in lead, Caz and then Sulla 3rd . Sulla unfortunately was first out, in one of worst wrecks of season so far, took a hard spin at about 140 mph, and hit the wall front first at 100mph .

Jafo started to pull away a little from Caz in the closing laps , but Caz closed it in the last 2 laps . Turn 4 of the final lap , they both lost their cool a bit , both came in hot and braked hard....Jafo spun , and Caz hit him, but Caz was still pointing in the right direction and was able to slip ahead.

Caz grabbed his first win , Jafo his 2nd podium in 2nd place, Suku Ming who also ran a very good race finished 3rd . Next round of the season moves to the claustorphobic streets and alleys of Monaco , it what promises to be the hardest and possibly most trouble filled race of the season . Next week is just a practice race , leaving 2 weeks for this one so everyone is well prepared.

Caz Freschi on top step after his win at Mills Metropark

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