Monday, February 2, 2009

MotoSL Season finale at Mooz

Jafo Tendaze wins Round 12, Mooz Long Layout
Annie Gufler wins Rider Championship

19 riders made the finale of what has been a highly competitive season, that has had its share of dominations , hard spills , bad luck, good luck and close well ridden races . Jafo T. finally snapped his own personal run of bad luck and made it to the top step for the first time in the 4 month season, with a pole position making it the best attempt at a long shot upset championship as could be possible.

But Annie Gufler finished a respectable race in 3rd place , securing her as the 4th MotoSL champion in 4 seasons. Grats Annie , Grats Jafo on a very nice win and 2nd place overall season 4 . I somehow managed put 2 wheels on the track and with luck ended up 2nd in the race, my best finish of the season . Yuriko finished 4th in the Group A race, just 1 off a Archer podium sweep .

The rest of the field consisted of the Racer's Island vets Brave Ashbourne and Remon Franizzi , who finished the race 6th and 5th . Racer's island came on strong and are looking to be one of the top teams in the upcoming FormulaSL season 3 .

Other teams also shined this season besides Am Pro , Racers Island and Archer , namely team , with a win and handfull of well deserved podiums it was great to see vets Moto Ware, Silk Bamboo and Suzy Cuddihy come on strong when given half of a chance.

Another good team this season that never realised their potential was the SLodcast team of Ram Pharoah and Sulla Looming . Another team that if was able to make every race could stake its claim amongst top teams , and these blokes are playing from England too .

Molly Fitzgerald has come a long way since her biddity friend Doll Kabuki got her hooked on Les Whites bad medicine, look for Molly to show up more often in the Group A dance as the seasons continue to progress , one of hardest working riders out there.

Annie Gufler had a outstanding season , with a 6 race sweep mid season that guaranteed her a first RaceSL title . Next up is FormulaSL and im sure Annie is feeling that once you have a collection, might as well add to it , Annie will saddle up this next RaceSL season as the person to beat , and i guess we'll have to see what she has to say about that on the track.

Am Pro had a franchise season , coming in 2nd overall in teams , and winning the driver championship. They have a legitimate chance to put together a team for FormulaSL to take the championship for teams and Driver . If Abacus Mimistrobell would visit from Never never land more often, maybe he could contribute to Annie and TFFOX's hard work .

The 6th complete RaceSL season is now in the books , now we enter pre-season for the 7th . Les is hard at work on a new car and new innovations , the stir for the next FormulaSL started even before MotoSL4 came to a close, and is promising to be another successfull campaign by RaceSL .

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