Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MotoSL season 4 Awards

This last saturday the RaceSL comunity met at the RaceSL hall of fame facility at Misp for the official conclusion of MotoSL season4 . Everyone present came up and collected their hardware for individual and team placings .

Annie Gufler became the 4th person in 4 seasons to collect top rider award , while Archer racing collected our 3rd straight Team championship. Im sure most people are tired of seeing us up there collecting another one , but im savoring it, with the rise of competition , and the putting together of some top partnerships , each one maybe the last for us .

Big thanks to Les for this season , and everyone that has supported the league . Count Bayliss and Raver Bellow. Seems like the whole of the community is buzzing about the upcoming FormulaSL season , everyone still working out details , signing with sponsors , building vehicles , forming teams . Its looking like its gonna be a good one , with Annie Gufler looking to match Jafo Tendaze's record of 1 MotoSL and 1 FSL championship, only person to win one of each so far.

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