Sunday, December 2, 2007

MotoSL race #4...Mooz

Race #4 at Mooz , on the "Iron" layout was already shaping up to be a crash fest , with a tight S chicane right after finish line , its difficulty rating is high , with alot of riders crashing there during the week long pre-race practice.

Mooz already was on my shitlist to be honest , ive qualified there slow 3 times i think. Today was no different , just didnt put the rubber around the asphalt quick enough , qualified 9th out of 30 riders who registered today for the race. Only good enough to get me into the Group B race for the first time this season...ok..... so this isnt such a big suprise, im no Andretti......The really big suprise on the day was the field i had to face in the Group B race, for places 7th to 12th overall on the day .....Motorato Ware, Silk Bamboo, Yamaha Harley , Doll Kabuki and Bike Racer, 5 riders who could win the Group A race given half a chance....never mind B.

A good start for me kept me in 2nd for the first lap of the race, right behind Yamaha Harley , but trouble in the chicane slowed him allowing me to jump out front. I led the field for 3 laps , then took a spill, at the chicane. Yamaha jumped back out front , i was in 2nd for rest of that lap , then got hung up on fence at Chicane , allowing Motorato by ...then Silk Bamboo and then Bike Racer, i fell all way to 5th. Another hang up on fence didnt cost me a position , just time... as i was on Silk Bamboos tail for 3 laps before it.

In the end , Bike Racer tumbled lap 9, getting me up to 4th , then Yamaha Harley crashed out of 2nd , down to 4th , putting me in 3rd..which is where i finished.....9th overall on the day .

POG rider Kandy Tommorow looked impressive to win the Group C race. Group A was shaping up to be a nice race, with 3 Depo/Pure riders in it today , Suzy Cuddihy, Yum Divesadero and Vinnie Niango . Pole was taken by Jafo T. this time around , with Just Catteneo in 2nd , Suzy C. 3rd. For the early stages of the race, Jafo led , followed close by Just and Suzy.
Suzy took a spill lap 4 and fell to 6th place.

Jafo led Just around for just 1 more lap , crashing out lap 5. After than Just C. cruised for another 10 laps almost making it look easy for the big 2nd in a row win . Jafo had several other incidents, but never fell out of 2nd place. Vinnie Niango was very steady and claimed 3rd and Team depo's first podium ever, but unfortunately there was a incident lap 11 with Yuriko Nishi , a bit of a collision with Vinnie and Yuriko was taken out , falling from 3rd to 6th overall . Suzy grabbed 4th , with Yum and Yuriko 5th and 6th week race, Teller Motorpark..

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