Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Archer Racing signs Musashi-Do as sponsor

On December 17th, Archer Racing proudly announced Shiryu Musashi and Musashi Motorsports as our first official sponsor looking towards Formula SL season 2 , which should begin in early 2008.

Already Les White has released specs for builders to create the new line up of cars for the Formula SL teams to choose from. VJ Shojo has already completed his model, and it looks great . VJ supplied a model last season and was amongst Archers top 2 or 3 choices. a Very nice car , it ended up being the trademark car of the Depo Motorsports team. From what i know Vincent Nacon and Ramses Pharoah are also working on theirs , as im sure several other builders are.

Les has many good ideas for his re-construction of the Formula 1 cars , and soon will be putting them into the scripts , very excited about it.

To get the support of Shiryu is a thrill for me and the team , ive been a fan of his cars and clothes since i stumbled on his nice store at Motorati when i was just a weee bitty newb. Search Musashi-Do to go visit his stores and see his very nice lines of fashions and cars.

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