Friday, December 14, 2007

Bye bye Mistress isle

This article is a little bid adieu to my home in the Mistress sim....due to a situation with finances that should have never happened , my group of friends and i lost our plot here.Our Gorean neighbors allowed us a week to stay and then basicly started nailing eviction notices to our houses.

Im not gonna name names and try not to speak to badly about anyone involved. But various goreans claim friendship with various people in the group of us that owned our plot , and all i have to say is this gorean person knew we were close to losing our land.. and if they were really a friend as they claimed.... would have contacted their friend voicing concern..... instead of virtualy wringing their hands in anticipation of our demise, maybe we coulda worked out a deal for sale so we didnt lose 100% of our investment.

For me the best way for this to come out, is to upgrade and come out better than before, so stay tuned i will profile my new house when its up and complete , not alot of details yet , 8000sqm plot and a big house are the plans.

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