Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Weekend in SL

Had quite a full weekend in SL this week , starting with friday races at Fairgrounds Raceway , the track has moved from the Pontiac Garage sim (pontiac is leaving SL) to a new sim owned by Aybabtu Aabye. This has been a wonderfull change. Instead of laying down a prim track which causes problems with jumping and prim seams , the track is made up of just of terrain , terraformed and textured to look like a banked oval. This method proved to be superior to the prim track .

The first races of the new track was 3x 50 lapper races in Super Stocks, Pro Trucks and Late Models . After a long and tough qualify round i managed to make it to the main event in all 3 races. First up was the Super Stocks , and i love these babies hehe. Sonic Costello gave me quite a run , but i was able to lead this one nearly start to finish for the first win by anyone ever at new Fairgrounds track =))

Next up was Pro Trucks , this was a points race for the winter season, Pro Trucks and i dont like either much , so i never do too great in these, all i remember is i was upfront some, then all the way back around 7th or 8th place and managed to work my way up to 4th for the finish , i forget who won, but im sure Jafo, Subwoofer and Doll Kabuki were most likely the top 3 .

Last race was the Late Models , fastest cars of the night , and one of my favs . This was a good race, i battled out front early on , with Kandy Tommorow hot on my tail for a long time . A unfortunate accident involving me brought out the yellow flag and dashed my hopes of a 2nd win on th night , sending me to the rear of the pack for the restart. Still managed to work my way back up to 2nd place, but Kandy Tommorow scored a impressive win .

The night at new Fairgrounds was very successful, everyone is quite impressed with this track, it goes a long way to eliminate 3 annoying things from the old track. Random jumping from colliding with prim edges, cars sliding when at a stop sometimes on the grid , and lag , alot lot lot less lag , improve the benches and this place is a mecca. =)

Next up on the schedule was a Time Trials event on saturday for the Hawk 10R bikes at PSU Raceway , this was a non-season event for fun. 3 rounds of qualify laps for each person , the top 8 moving on to a 10 lap race to end the event. 1st round of qualify was a suprise, Mr. Les White decided to reverse the direction, going backwards is something no one practices , so suddenly everyone is on even footing .

To perhaps everyones suprise, i won this round , with the best time , and the only person to get around in less than 27 seconds. But the following rounds it was back to racing the right direction so my lead was out the window as some of the best riders can score a lap in 23 seconds here.

My 2nd round was ok and my 3rd round stunk, i scored good enough to land 6th overall and get a spot in the race.

10 laps and fun followed, my decent racing weekend continued as i jumped off in the lead after the first lap , with Jafo close on me . But little mistakes eroded that and soon Jafo was able to pass me . I wrecked around lap 6 and this allowed Just Catteneo to catch up some and begin to chase, Just drove great , catching and passing me on the last couple turns of the last lap , so i got 3rd , still alot of fun .

After the Event , was the depo Christmas party held in one of their many sims . Wow this place was decorated nice with ice skating, giant tree and tiny train going around it , banquet area, lots of large Christmas sculptures like elves, snowmen and Nut crackers. Ice skating , dancing and drinking , fun was had by all .

Eventualy the depo crowd melted away as many of them are from the UK, and all that was left was the usual list of suspects , the Race Pack , Jafo, Silk, Les White, Yamaha Harley, Motorato. This has become a great little communtiy in my opinion, a fairly close knit group of people who enjoy each others company and get along well , even though we enage in heated battles on the practice and race tracks everyday , we can still pull up a beer and make each other laugh, always alot of fun.

It was a fun weekend and its not even over, tonite (sunday ) is a round of races at Dirtfield, which is still located in a Pontiac sim . Following is a screen shot or 2, unfortunately i dont have one of new Fairgrounds yet .

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