Tuesday, December 11, 2007

MotoSL race #5 ...Storm at Teller

Gonna be blunt not alot of good to say about this one as far as myself is concerned , having engine and weather problems all week , problems compounded race day . I qualified 15th in the field and my first Group 3 race. But i was not lonely, it was a stacked group 3 , with Kalel Mommsen , Yamaha Harley , Doll Kabuki and Bike Racer...yikes.

A race with those names featured is gonna be good and it was , with a steady battle between Yamaha , Kalel and myself unfolding early. Plenty of wrecking and colliding as the lead exchanged several times, some bad spills for me and i found myself in 5th or 6th place on the last lap . I come around the back half of the track and start passing bodies and broken bikes along the way , around the last hairpin and more bikes and crashed riders, somehow everyone in front of me managed to crash on last lap and i crossed the line in 1st , 13th overall on the day .

Our race was prolly the closest as far as race for win , Just Catteneo easily took Group 2 race with nice performances from Pure Team mate Ram Pharoah. Jafo Tendaze easily won Group 1 race. With Silk Bamboo and Motorato Ware joining him on Podium, also in this race were depo teamies , Suzy Cuddihy,Yum Divesadero and Vinnie Niango . Luckily Ramses and Suzy pulled up my slack and were able to keep Pure in the run as far as points , we are still in 3rd place chasing NSG, but depo is closing fast , for myself , im still in 5th, with the top 4 pulling away from me and the rest of the field closing fast Suzy Cuddihy my lovely team mate 2 points behind me , and Yum Divesadero 6 points behind .

This was first MotoSL racew at Teller Motorpark, although most drivers were happy with the track provided, the sim itself was whoafully inadequate. Thanks to BNT and SandraDay OConnor for doing their utmost for other wise a fun event .

In RL ive been very busy with work and have not had time to post much here, i feel im falling behind. Soon i hope to do articles ive had planned for long time , including a Builder profile on Yuriko Nishi and Augustus Miles, 2 motorcycle builders who make some of the sweetest bikes on SL , my forays into the world of steam punk, a end of the year wrapup article , and even some pinups of myself perhaps , also in future i plan Builder articles on Emilie Watkins and Lilyu Jewell. More to come soon.

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